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Are you seeking a reliable and affordable removal company in the local area? Emk Transport And Removals have developed a reputation as the first removal company, providing moving, transport and storage for domestic, commercial and specialised removals. If you would like to put your belongings in the care of seasoned professionals, come to our depot, from where we operate our storage, packing, assembly and removals services. Otherwise, contact us on 07714622239 - our knowledgeable team are free to help.

Ensuring Peace Of Mind For You

As proven by our specialised services, at Emk Transport And Removals we take an extremely personalised approach to our work. Each job is considered on its own basis, meaning that your goods are cared for as if they were our own. From disassembling, packaging and unload to transport and storage, we guarantee that each job is tailored around your needs.

Always Keeping You Informed

From primary planning to execution, Emk Transport And Removals have earned a reputation for our fast, efficient and intelligent approach to removals. We relay all information in advance and carry out all tasks in an agreed and timely manner, so that our process can accommodate all your requests. With the logistics anticipated in advance, Emk Transport And Removals guarantee that all your removals needs are taken care of.


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